Cheer! Meet the winners of the second action "Amali orzukho"!

Cheer! Meet the winners of the second action "Amali orzukho"!

The second round of the promo action “Amali orzukho” is completed; as a result nine luckiest customers became winners and owners of new powerful smartphones Samsung A 50!

Names of the Winners:

·        Nozimov Kholmahmad

·        Abdurakhmonov Karim

·        Ilonov Izatullo

·        Kulova Nasima

·        Mirzamurodova Basbi

·        Talbonova Bejodamo

·        Kholikob Mustafo

·        Pulotova Rokiya

·        Ganieva Rano

The promo action “Amali orzukho” is intended for the Bank’s clients who received a loan within the action and being active customers, having a positive credit history.

We remind you that the action is valid from June 1 to December 20, 2019 and consists of five rounds. At the end of each round, nine winners will be determined; there will be 45 people in total. All participants, as well as the winners of the intermediate rounds of the action will gradually move to the draw of the main prize of 150 000 somoni!

This action is developed in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Bank Eskhata and in gratitude to our customers for active cooperation with us.

In the first round, cash prizes were raffled, in the second round – powerful modern smartphones. Valuable prizes of the third round-modern refrigerators are waiting for their owners in September! Do not miss your chance to win valuable prizes and the main prize - 150 000 somoni! Get a Bank loan and become a participant of the action! May luck be on your side!

For more information, call 808 or contact the Bank's credit specialists!

“Amali Orzukho” – your dreams can come true in our anniversary year!

Bank Eshata-25 years with you!


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