"Bank Eskhata" mission

Create Opportunities to Prosper

"Bank Eskhata" vision

Our vision is strengthening customers’ loyalty, as well as gaining confidence of global financial institutions and our partners that enable us to become one of the leaders in financial market of Tajikistan, for our employees, shareholders and the society to prosper.

Values of "Bank Eskhata"

1. Care:

We are committed to excellence through the care of all our partners – the shareholders, the colleagues and the employees, the customers and the regulators, the community and our habitat. 

2. Integrity and Professionalism:

In our work, we are governed by the principles of Integrity, Transparency and Professionalism 

3. Respect:

We treat all our partners with great respect.  Mutual respect between all colleagues and employees, regardless of their positions, is a must. 

We provide for a fair and positive environment for the professional development of our staff. 

We ensure compliance with the best banking practices and the national regulatory requirements. 

We play our part in supporting local communities, thus contributing to building a better and safer world for current and future generations. 

4. Innovations:

We are committed to innovative solutions and technologies to offer the best services and products to all our partners.

We encourage all our partner to take the initiative and use their entrepreneurial spirit. 

5. Reliability:

To us, being a reliable partner means that our values and integrity comes before immediate profit.

Motto of "Bank Eskhata"

Together We Prosper