Attention! Eskhata Bank draws over TJS 130,000!

Attention! Eskhata Bank draws over TJS 130,000!

Eskhata Bank announces a new promotion called "Pardokhti burdnok"!

Make non-cash payments at points of sale and services via "Eskhata Online" or all types of Eskhata Bank cards, including VISA cards and get the opportunity to win cash prizes. 

For each payment from TJS 30 and above, and at least 3 US dollars (for online purchases), the client will be assigned an ID number, which will confirm that the client has become a participant in the promotion and his ID number will take part in the drawing of cash prizes.

The total prize fund is TJS 132,000. 

The promotion starts on 01/08/2021, will last until 31/10/2021 and consists of three rounds. According to the results of each round, a specially created commission will determine the winners of the promotion by random sampling.

As a result, the cash prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • according to the results of the first two rounds, 18 winners will win TJS 3,000 each;
  • at the end of the final round, each of the 5 winners will receive a cash prize of TJS 10,000;

Those points of trade and services in which the winners of the promotion made a non-cash payment will not remain without attention. They are also expected to receive cash prizes!

The campaign is aimed at assisting in the development of non-cash payments in Tajikistan and motivating customers to use non-cash payments.

Don't miss your chance to win a cash prize from Eskhata Bank!

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