Prepare your child for school!

Prepare your child for school!

There is very little time left before the start of the school year, and this little time will fly by in an instant!

All parents will have to pay for their studies, buy books, notebooks, school uniforms, a backpack and a lot of other stationery for their child.

In addition, if there are several children in the family, from a schoolchild to a student, then the costs increase significantly!

What to do if there are difficulties with finances?

We will help you!

Eskhata Bank offers consumer credit.

Loan terms and conditions:

Loan amount: up to TJS 100,000 

Loan term: up to TJS 36 months

Interest rate:  

       31% for new customers, 30% for repeat customers 

       for employees of the fields of education and medicine, 29% are new customers, 28 % are repeat customers 

Collateral: According to the requirements of the product, depending on the loan amount.

Is your child ready for the new school year? 


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