Meet the VISA TJS card!

Meet the VISA TJS card!

Meet the VISA card from Eskhata Bank, which can be used both in Tajikistan and around the world without limitations! 

What's the trick? Use it in Tajikistan in the TJS currency, and when traveling abroad or shopping in online stores in the dollar currency. How? When paying by card, the currency is automatically converted to the desired currency, and you no longer need to convert to the dollar to prepare the necessary currency. 

Top up your card account in the bank in the TJS currency and pay abroad or in online stores - in dollars. 

The cost of the VISA Gold TJS card is 200 TJS, and VISA Classic TJS is 100 TJS. When ordering a card in Eskhata online mobile bank, the cost of VISA Gold TJS and VISA Classic TJS cards is equal to 100 and 50 TJS, respectively. 

The VISA card from the Eskhata Bank is convenient, prestigious, reliable!

Order your card right now: 

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