Trade finance imports

An opportunity to attract financing from foreign exclusive financial institutions - it is a factor of high reputation and recognition of the bank on the international level.
Relying on the professional team of Bank Eskhata and developed network of correspondent banks, we offer to businesses and private enterpreneurs a full range of services about structuring deals in trading finances both in goods export-import and in execution of trading operations in the internal market. At the present Bank Eskhata disposes of lines from the largest international banks to perform documentary and guarantee operations, and trading financing as well.

The main partners of Bank Eskhata in operations of trading financing and documentary operations are:
  • EBRD
  • IFC
  • ABD
  • Commerzbank АG
  • Raiffeisenbank Austria
  • CentrKredit Bank

Bank Eskhata offers its own program for your business development. Let us suppose, you decided to import or to export some kind of goods from abroad to Tajikistan or from Tajikistan to abroad. But each trading deal is attended by a range of risks. We offer our products to reduce risks in your business and to prevent business difficulties in import and export of goods or services.

Take advantage of our offers:
  • Import LC
  • Export LC
  • Bank guarantee
  • Import and export encashment
  • Trading financing

We will attend your deal from the beginning to the end!

Product advantages:

  • Low interest rates from 12% to 18% per annum.
  • Guarantee of warranty package execution by your partner
  • Reduction of risk sides in trading deal (commercial, transport and currency exchange risks)
  • Acceptable terms of financing
  • Considerable grace period before the beginning of the main credit body repayment
  • Qualified analysis of the management your financial flows

Deal structure:

  • Principally, financing scheme is concerned on the fact that according to the delivery agreement funds are transferred directly to the account of foreign supplier.
  • Within the scheme, financing is executed for 100% of the agreement.
  • Calculation form is documentary confirmed credit.
  • Repayment of the credit will be done at the end of coordinated term according to the repayment schedule.

We know how to help you to achieve success in international trading deals!