Savings - FAQ

What kinds of deposit have you got in your bank?

There are 6 kinds of deposit in our bank:

Deposit "Zahirashavanda (Accumulating)"

interest charges are accrued every month and added to the main fund, making it to grow.

Deposit "Bachagona (Children)"

you can make replenishment of deposit additionally before the mid-term of the contract
interest charges are paid out in the end of the contract term.
deposit term is to be more than 36 months (3 years)

Deposit "Daromadi ustuvor (Stable Income)"

you can make replenishment of deposit additionally before the mid-term of the contract
interest charges are calculated and paid out every month
deposit term is from 1 to 12 months

Deposit "Haridi foidanok (a good buy)"

deposit replenishment is allowed
interest charges are calculated once a half of a year

deposit "Haridi foidanok + (a good buy +)"

deposit replenishment is not allowed
interest charges are calculated every reporting quarter

deposit "Ozod (Free)"

deposit replenishment and cash withdrawal are free
deposit term is 12 months and more

Can I get interest charges from deposit on the 1st day of the month if the deposit was opened in the middle of the last month?

Yes, you can. It is possible because interest charges from deposit are calculated for every day.

Client is going to work abroad, and he wishes his money to accrue prior to his arrival. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible, and it is sufficient to provide the national passport of RT, then he can open deposit account on his name  and get props for remittances.

Which documents are required to open a deposit?

To open a deposit resident is required to have just national passport by the Republic of Tajikistan. If client is non-resident, he can open a deposit by his foreign passport.

What happens if you do not withdraw the funds immediately after the deposit term is over?

If the deposit is prolonged (extended), and the depositor doesn't withdraw his fund in a week, the contract is said to be prolonged automatically for the same term it was signed before. The contract cannot be prolonged for more than one time. And it doesn't need any more additional agreements as it is prolonged according to the preceding contract. 

What guarantees can you prove for a deposit?

Bank guarantees the deposit's return with accrued interest by all Bank assets. Bank guarantees the confidentiality of the information about the deposit and depositor in accordance with the actual laws of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Is child able to get his deposit, if he is not of legal age yet?

For the reason that the child has no national passport, he can not get his deposit. After the child reaches the legal age and receive a national passport, he is entitled to receive the deposit.

How to open a deposit for a child's name?

To open a deposit for your child's name, you would show documents proving the relationship with this child. It can be a parent's passport with a note about the children or the birth certificate of the child. By the way, the maximum child's age for deposit system "Bachagona (Children)" is 14.

In accident with (death of) the depositor, can his relatives get his deposit?

Yes, they can, but in 6 months after the case. They would have a certificate of court decision about the inheritance and the death certificate of the depositor by registry office.

Can I deposit account opened in one currency, the funds in another currency?

No, because every account requires one kind of currency. But if you wish to invest in foreign currencies, then you can sign a new contract.

What is necessary for preterm withdrawal of invested funds?

In case of preterm withdrawal of funds you should write an application for withdrawal of funds. According to your application, bank gives you your money with the accrued interest on this day.

If I put $1,000 to my deposit, can I get $100 or 200 after some time?

It is possible only in the deposit system "Ozod", which allows you freely to invest and withdraw money at any required time for you. Other deposit systems have an agreement with certain conditions by maturity investments, interest rates, etc. Cashing a certain amount from the deposit ahead of time, you will automatically terminate the old contract and the interest rate is recalculated by 3%.

Is it possible for the bank to transfer deposit interest on the customer's plastic card?

Yes, it is possible.

Can I open a deposit for my foreign passport if I lost my national passport, but I want to open it urgently?

Unfortunately, we can not open a deposit for a foreign passport. But you can take the form of a certificate number 9 from the passport service by which you can achieve the desired effect.

Does my deposit interest rate change if your bank's interest rate has got a change?

They do not change because you had signed before the contract for the specified interest rate and for the certain period of time, during which they operate.

What is the minimum initial deposit?

The minimum initial deposit is 50 USD.
(Confirmation of account balances on the official letterhead is 5 TJS)