safe.jpgIndividual bank cells

Rent of individual bank cells in Bank Eskhata is a great way to store cash, jewelry, expensive things, securities and important documents for private clients and for legal entity.

Deposit boxes might be an indispensable tool of saving money during the crisis: they are not afraid of any bankruptcy or defaults. Individual deposit boxes are sealed metal boxes installed in a specially designed storage facility, located in the protected area around the clock. The cell is opened with two keys at the same time: one key is kept by the client, the second by the bank officer in charge of the store. The cell could be used for transactions where the buyer lays in the cell funds to pay for the transaction, the seller can get that only if the conditions specified in the contract.

Renting safe deposit boxes (per month):

Type 1:
        capacity –    8×30×43см
        capacity –   15×30×43см
        capacity –   30×30×43см
        capacity –   more than 30×30×43см

20 TJS
30 TJS
40 TJS
Under agreement, but not less than 40 TJS
Type 2:
        capacity –  4×22×33см
        capacity – 14.5×22×33см
        capacity – 29×22×33см

20 TJS
30 TJS
50 TJS
Security deposit100 TJS